"Bullet" Bill Dudley

Bullet points:

Bill Dudley

  • An NFL team today suits up eight men to play the positions Bill  Dudley played by himself on offense, defense, and special teams in a single season.

  • He called plays and signals, he passed the ball, he ran the ball, he caught the ball, he intercepted the ball. Playing safety, if you had the ball, he took you down hard.

  • He kicked off and punted. He was the most feared kick and punt returner in the NFL.

  • He played in the NFL for nine seasons — losing three playing years to World War II— and led every team he played for in scoring.

  • He holds records that will never be broken. In 1946 he won the only Quadruple Crown in pro football, leading the league in rushing, punt returns, interceptions, and lateral passes.

  • He was Rookie of the Year and second in MVP balloting with the Steelers in 1942, leading the league in rushing.

  • He was NFL MVP in 1946.

  • He was defensive player of the year in 1947, the year he became the highest paid player in the NFL.

  • He is the only player elected Most Valuable Player in college, the pros, and the military.

  • He was a hall of fame inductee, college and pro.

  • He was first team All-American with the University of Virginia in 1941.

  • He didn’t make his high school team until his junior year. He didn’t play until his senior year.

  • He played in the NFL at 5’10”, 175 pounds. When he arrived for his first training camp with the Steelers, the guards wouldn’t let him in. They didn’t believe he was a football player.

  • He played on a Major League Baseball exhibition team while serving in the Pacific during World War II.

  • There are eleven ways to score in a football game. Bill scored using ten of them. Hint: he never tackled for a safety.

  • He once crawled for a touchdown.

  • He was president of the NFL Alumni Association for twelve years during the struggle for pension parity for old-time players who were in the league before 1959.

  • He introduced the gold jacket into the NFL Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

  • He was a member of the Virginia Legislature and sponsored the bill that introduced the community college system in the state.

  • The Dudley Award, also known as “Virginia’s Heismann,” is a coveted prize given annually to an outstanding player at a Virginia college.

  • The Bill Dudley Scholarship Foundation has awarded scholarships to high school seniors for 20 years. It is run by an all-volunteer board with no paid staff.. http://www.billdudleyscholarship.com/

  • NFL years: 1942-1953.

  • Teams: University of Virginia, Pittsburgh Steelers, Detroit Lions, Washington Redskins.

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